Why eFreshTrack?

eFreshTrack is the only CRM product designed for the perishable industry – combining the technical expertise of an experienced software company with 171 years of fresh industry consulting.  Encompass the entire organization’s needs through one application.  eFreshTrack can also tie directly to any other back office system your organization uses through our open API to reduce needless dual entry and improves communication throughout the organization.  See the ways eFreshTrack can help you below and be sure to contact us here for a free demonstration.



For Owners and Managers

  • Gain complete visibility into the sales process

  • Gain complete visibility into the performance of sales staff

  • Get the financial value of prospects in sales pipeline in real time

  • Protect your prospect data in a secure datacenter

  • Protect your company from data loss during sales staff turnover

For Sales Staff

  • Catalog every customer interaction from your desktop or smartphone

  • Track and respond to customer objections

  • Enjoy a full-featured email campaign management tool

  • Build on the data collected during previous sales calls

  • Create proposals quickly using customized template

  • Access current inventory information

  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook



For Financial Staff

  • No contract – we earn your business month-to-month

  • No upfront hardware purchase

  • No upfront software licensing

  • Real time financial forecasting of the sales pipeline

For Technology Staff

  • Secure data, hosted in a Class 5 telecom switch regulated by the FCC

  • Mainstream development tools – Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .Net

  • You choose your level of involvement (none to heavily)

  • We handle data conversion

  • APIs for easy, two-way data access