Web-based Software

eFreshTrack is a web-based software that allows a user access to their information from any computer. Owners and managers can control ownership of their data, even if a sales person leaves. You can also be rest assured that your data is safe with eFreshTrack. eFreshTrack controls and maintains it’s own hardware (no third parties) so you can be assured that your data will be there for you anytime you need it. Your information should be your information.

You own your data, right?

No matter if it’s eFreshTrack or one of your sales people you recently had to let go, you keep your data. You can export your data out of eFreshTrack anytime you need to using the easy export options built into eFreshTrack. If you had to recently let go of a sales person, you keep the data. It’s your data, you control it.

Where is my data stored?

eSalesTrack applications and data reside on a highly secure network of servers managed and maintained by Soleran, eSalesTrack’s parent company. Soleran utilizes the latest hardware, networking and clustering technology to ensure your data is always available to you. Outside of scheduled maintenance periods, Soleran guarantees a 99.9% uptime for eSalesTrack and access to your data. Read more about eSalesTrack’s security here: http://www.esalestrack.com/security.html

Is my data secure?


Our servers use 1024 bit encryption to ensure your privacy while using eSalesTrack. This is the same technology used during banking (and other highly private transactions across the Internet. Look for the lock icon in the Security Status bar in your browser to validate the secure connection.

What is a secure connection?

A secure connection is an encrypted exchange of information between the website you are visiting and your Internet browser. Encryption is provided through a document the website provides called a certificate. When you send information to the website, it is encrypted at your computer and decrypted at the website. The information cannot be read or tampered with while it is being sent.

Account Information and Data Ownership

eSalesTrack does not own your data. However, if you breach this contract then eSalesTrack has the right to remove your information from the service without notification. Should your account laps, eSalesTrack will make your data available for up to 30 days of the account lapse. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of your data.